Frequently asked Questions

Document Compliance Network

Are there per user fees?

No, pricing is based on the number of locations within your organization.

Is my information protected?

Yes, information is accessed through a secure server. Documents that are stored within the “Internal” database are encrypted as well.

Can I outsource the management of our document processes?

We can provide complete management of your inbound and outbound document process. Prices are negotiated based upon the number documents to be managed. Please call us to discuss pricing and service options.

Do you outsource your customer support?

We do not. If you need support it will come directly from our team.

Why can’t I sign up for a free trial with a generic email account (gmail, yahoo, etc) ?

You can still get a free trial - you just have to speak to us first. We believe we have a very special program and we are not willing to show it to just anyone. We are happy to work with our professional peers in the food industry. Please feel free to give us a call.

Does Document Compliance Network provide “Enterprise Level Reporting”?

Yes, you can see the compliance performance of your organization as a whole, or drill down to just a single location.

What type of documents can Document Compliance Networks track?

You can use Document Compliance Network to track any document type. Choose from our pre-populated list of industry standards, or create your own. There is no limit to the number of type of documents.

What document formats can Document Compliance Network accept?

Any standard image format plus PDFs can be uploaded.