Automate Your Food Safety Documentation for $4,800

Never Fear A Food Safety Document Audit Again!

Features & Pricing

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Automate Collection and Distribution of Documents

Automatically notifies your vendors of upcoming document expirations, this gives them a simple way to get back in compliance.

This same design function will also keep you customers up to date with all of the most current documents that your organization supplies to your customers.

 The program will also notify all of your vendors of any compliance changes your organization may make in one simple step.

 Simple and powerful solution  


Document Compliance Network features three separate dashboards that provide key statistics related to your document management process.


All emails and reminder intervals are customizable. This insures that you are in control of how your company interfaces with vendors and customers.

The Vendor dashboard:

  • Allows you to immediately see what documents are nearing expiration and which vendors are out of compliance.

  • The data can be sorted to view expiration: by date, vendor, or by product.

​The Customer dashboard:

  •  Notifies you of the upcoming expiration of any documents that you issue to your customers so that you don’t risk falling out of compliance with them.

 The Internal dashboard:

  • Where you can keep track of all your internal documents.

  • You are able to see real time data on what documents are nearing expiration or need updating.


Document Compliance Network was built with simplicity in mind. The setup is no different. You start out by uploading your logo into the software. After that, as long as you currently keep the following lists in a format capable of exporting into excel the setup is simple.

  • Suppliers

  • Customers

  • Products Bought

  • Products Sold

  • Brokered Products

We give you preformatted excel spreadsheets to upload your current lists into and then upload that information into Document Compliance Network. After that you will put together your list of documents that you require from your suppliers and the list of documents your customers require from you.


DCN takes it from there and will immediately begin to collect necessary documents from your vendors and issue your documents directly to your customers.

You can even upload historical data so the Document Compliance Network can be your single, simple, solution to your current document hassle.


Document Compliance Network offers:

       Unlimited users:

  • Your company can have as many users as you want accessing documents at the same time.

  •  Each user can be granted different permissions.

  • You have the option to grant admin access with the ability to edit and change documents or read only access.

  • You can also give access only to specific locations as well as just vendor, customer or internal documents.


       Unlimited data: 

  • Document Compliance Network offers unlimited data.

  • You can upload a million documents into the software and you will never be charged extra for it.

  •        Including Unlimited Customers and Vendors 

       Unlimited customer service:

  • Our customer service is in house available Monday-Friday 8am-4pm Pacific Standard Time.

  • We are here if you have any questions.

  • The software is simple to use and we get very few customer service calls after the initial software setup.


Internal Document Management

Document Compliance Network contains an encrypted storage vault for your organization’s internal documents. Access is permission granted. Users will receive notification of document expiration.

Use this tool to manage:

  • Inspection documents

  • Employee training

  • Licensing renewals

  • Equipment maintenance 

  • Standard operating procedures—any document or process that has

an expiration date is a perfect use of this tool.

Create Your Own Compliance Network

Want to take your compliance management process to a whole new level of automation, accuracy and simplicity?

Compliance Networking is built in and available at no extra cost. In fact, you receive subscription discounts when your customers and vendors become Document Compliance Network subscribers. Just like the Automated Notification Process, more details about benefits of having your own Compliance Network are available through a webinar or free trial subscription.

Tracking, Archives and Audits

  • Document Compliance Network automatically tracks document history and creates archives for the storage of historical data.

  • Nothing can ever be deleted from the program.

  • Users can archive documents, vendors and customers but all your historical documents are right there, easy to access.

In addition, DCN can track an internal auditing process of documents for accuracy, and will also allow a subscriber to easily export all of the data into a PDF file that can be used as part of an external audit.