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Customers and Vendors


per year*

Flat-rate pricing

Unlimited file storage

Free set-up and onboarding

Unlimited data

Unlimited internal users

Safe and secure platform

Easy process for vendors to upload documents

Multiple dashboard for top view document management

Unlimited customer support

Unlimted training

Two-hour average set up
Multiple languages supported such as Spanish, Chinese, and French.

256-bit encryption

Automatically rates suppliers
Intuitive navigation

Secure cloud storage

Automated emails to capture required documents

*If you have less than 30 vendors or customers, please reach out to sales (503)-570-2978 for custom pricing.

We prioritize security, protected information, and simplicity. 

We don't believe sharing proprietary information with a global network is a good thing. 

We keep all of your suppliers information in a secure 256-bit encrypted. Not only does this protect you from your competitors utilizing your suppliers, but this also keeps your private information and spec sheets contained within your network.

Your suppliers don't have to access your network to upload documents. They can respond to automatic requests directly from their inbox. This not only simplifies the uploading document process, but it keeps the number of people accessing your data network low. 

Unlimited data, users, and support. 

We don't believe in annual price hikes, nor charging you for data or storage.

With a global supply chain, you shouldn't have to pick and choose the number of users or the amount of data needed each year in order to stay audit-ready.

Instead, know that for an annual flat rate, all of your data is stored safely in the cloud for seven years for no additional cost. 

As your team and business grow, Document Compliance Network can always provide training and ongoing support. 

Your domestic and foreign vendors don't have to do anything hard. 

Vendors don't need to create an account and remember a password to upload requested documents. 

Vendors can upload their updated documents directly from the automated email. Their documents will be ready in your vendor dashboard for audit. 

Document Compliance Network can be translated into 13 languages, including Arabic, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, and German. 

With custom document types, Document Compliance Network can track and share any type of document needed from foreign vendors. 

With free set-up, training, and a 90-day money-back guarantee,
Document Compliance Network really is risk-free. 

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